Romans Road

The Newbie

Who is “The Newbie” when it comes to worship? Chances are that if you clicked this page, there is something you’re curious about, or some things you feel you should know. I’m no expert or anything, but I hope that in these pages, you will find at least a structure of the Christian Faith that isn’t skewed by extreme media and extreme congregations (We know the ones we see in the news). When non-Christian media or explanations are involved, we often get a bad reputation–but read on to see the true foundation of what it means to worship and why we worship.

The Romans Road

A late follower of Christ named Paul is responsible for a lot of our understanding of theology–which Romans Roadis the study of God in this case. One particular book, Romans, is a book stuffed full of what it means to be a Christian. I first encountered the book of Romans on my first day at church that started my real path to becoming a Christian in Louisville, KY.  The advantage of that church is that they, as a church, study the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter. It is truly only then that we gain a great understanding of what the Bible is all about.

We tend to–on the Christian side and on the side of those who may speculate–quote individual verses to prove points. Of course, context is everything! We will explore what is called the Romans road–which is considered a brief explanation of the Christian relationship by use of verses in the book of Romans of the New Testament of the Bible. We will look at each verse individually and put them into context and how they relate to you today. This will be developing as we move along. We encourage questions and discussion as we explore these verses together.

Defining Worship

If you’re new to the global Church, it is easy to look at worship as something you do when the band, pianist, organist, or singing is going on in Church. You may think of it as a service that you do on Sunday. You may still be wondering what it is we’re referring to.

In any case, we will explore worship and what it truly means. We will look at ways to make it a daily part of your life–it may not be what you think, so please continue to read!

Moving Forward

one-step-2-1181506-mOnce you have established your relationship with God and see how your life can fit into His plan, you may wonder, “What next?” In this section, we will offer insights and tools to get you going deeper in relationship and service to God and your church. Like always, we want to not only explore what we have found, but also offer a way to discuss what you, yourself, have found also. These are tools that you can use to move from being a newbie to being a veteran.

Let’s grow together

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, is that no one has all the answers. You are always a Barnabas to some and a Timothy to others. (Barnabas in some ways kept Paul in line with his faith while Timothy was very much as student of Paul). The goal of this section isn’t to prove our authority, but to offer a ground for people in all stages of their walks to contribute. What are your thoughts? Please comment below.

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