Hi, everyone!

I hope that you are getting something from our posts and pages here. I know we get something out of diving in and writing them. I want to try to answer questions that I had when I was new to worship and

I’m no expert at the stuff in this section, but I tend to tell things honestly as I see them. As I dive into scripture and worship music, I come across things that people who are new to worship (or even old to worship) may be interested in. I will review them to the best of my ability and show you where to get them.

I will review things such as:


  • What are the best Bibles for new Christians?
  • What are the best Bibles for study?
  • What Bibles are more geared to certain types of devotionals?


  • Books that highlight faith
  • Books that help our understanding
  • Uplifting books from a Biblical Christian perspective
  • Christian Fiction

Worship Materials

  • Instruments like guitars, keyboards, and even saxophones
  • Instrument accessories
  • Sound equipment like sound boards, microphones, in-ear monitors
  • Computers and stage aids



These are a few topics that I’m going to dive into. What others should I include? Please include your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you!



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