I Understand. Now What?

What's Next for New Christians?

So, you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? Or you have learned enough to be intrigued, but don’t know where to go next? This section of the site should help guide you with suggestions and resources that you may not have thought about. There are a few different things I suggest right off. More will be added later.


Yes, pray! Prayer is a very powerful thing. We could all do it more. The Bible says to never stop praying!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 New Living Translation (NLT)

16 Always be joyful. 17 Never stop praying. 18 Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.

Let this be a guide to the next steps below! Pray before, during, and after making decisions in the following headings.

Find a Church

Most Christian growth happens within the Body of Christ. We can learn a lot by studying the Bible alone. However corporate worship and study help build accountability, support, and mutual hills and valleys in life’s journeys. It’s good to share life with those who are on the same journey as you, no matter what step they are on. You can learn a lot from those who have been where you are, as well as those who are at a similar stage of Christian Life.

Find a Bible

bible-ii-1416281There are many Bibles available to you. The question may be “which one!?!?” I’d start with a study Bible. A study Bible not only has the complete scripture, but it also provides a little more instruction that can help you with the interpretation of the Word along with how to apply it to your life. One such example is here:

Of course, there are tons of other options. I will be going into what to look for in Bibles so you can find what’s best for you. You can find more at the New to Worship Amazon Store to get ideas.

Attend a Retreat

There is a wide variety of retreats available for those who are New to Worship. One such retreat is called the Great Banquet. If you are in the Elwood, Indiana area, you can visit the page and read all about it. It is essentially a 3-day weekend geared to bringing you closer to Christ. I’ve heard that it was a life-changing event for many, many people.  The next dates for the Elwood location are

Men: Feb 22-25, 2018

Women: Mar 1-4, 2018

If you have your corresponding weekend available or can make it available, send us a message (or on the link above) to get connected.

There are other such retreats that are related to this type of set-up (Tres Dias, Cursillo, Walk to Emmaus) that offer the same type of enrichment. The idea is not to limit yourself to one type of enrichment, but to use the opportunities that God has put on your path.


What types of questions do you have at this point? How can we help you and/or pray for you? What experiences have you had related to this list that you want to share? I’d love to have your feedback!