Truckin’ Along

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know how school is going.  In all, I’ll have to say “very well!”

I am getting a lot out of the classes.  I’m able to look at the Bible in new ways–ways that I know that I can apply to my current and upcoming ministries.  Here’s my progress so far.

Classes started:

Classes started the Day after Easter 2017.  I got an A in that class (Themes in Biblical Literature).  We looked at themes such as creation, the greatness of God, humanity, and Sin.  These are all things that we have learned about, but this added other layers.  After that, I got an A in Basic Christian Doctrine.   In that class, we discussed the doctrines of the church, the Holy Spirit, Trinity, eschatology, etc.  There was a lot of intriguing information that I am definitely taking with me.


I had a break for a couple of weeks.  In this break, I was able to organize some of the things of the church–I started a T-Shirt design contest, finished the main parts of the new church website (, and spent some quality time with my wife, Cathy.  The online picture directory has been completed and my eyes have turned to the Christmas program (yes! it’s that time already!).

Home stretch

Now, I am in the third class and loving it!  There is definitely something to be gained from each step of the way.  I have continual classes with now break until November when I’ll be finished with this program.  After that, I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me, my friends and family, and the church.  Please pray for me as I continue to grow closer to Him.


If there is anything I can share with you, it is the importance of having a good Bible.  As I continue to learn, I have found it most helpful to use this Life Application Study Bible (Christian Book, $18.99) for further insights.  It is easy to just read or listen to the Bible on my phone app, but this adds so much more (along with the text, assignments, and discussion).  As I come across more useful tools, I will share them with you.  Thank you.