Now Affiliated With…

Hello, everyone!  Whether you’re a member of East Main Street Christian Church, an old friend, or a new follower from afar, I have some great news!  I am now affiliated with  What does this mean?


Mainly, it means that I can offer products from the site.  I don’t sell them myself, but I can provide easy ways for you to purchase them.  You will see links and products specifically related to on this site from here on out.

Why I chose

I have ordered supplies from them and believe them to be a top-notch company.  I rely on Amazon for so many things (see other links on the site), but I want to focus on supporting this site for all Christian-related materials.  Find out more about the company here.

This affiliation is an extension of my ministry on this site.  I will research and recommend products on my reviews section as well as throughout the posts and pages.  Any proceeds will be directly supporting this site and other ministries–I intend to give back and help through this affiliation.  This company will enable me to do that, so I appreciate your continued support.

What can you shop for?

If you are unfamiliar with, I can sum up what you can find: Anything Christian.  More specifically, their focus is on books, Bibles, music, gifts, and other resources.  Want to do a new Bible study, search here!  If you are looking for your first Bible, this is also another place to start.  Looking for that new song you found on K-Love?  You guessed it!  Want the DVD to God’s Not Dead 2 this is your place!

Try it below.


Thank you

I thank you for your continued support in this ministry.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please include them below.  As always, I appreciate your prayers as I continue to develop all the ministries being started and ones in which I am already involved.  God Bless you.