The Romans Road–Understanding as a New or Curious Christian

Romans RoadMany who are new to seeking the truth about the Christian life may also be new to the Bible. Maybe you’re excited and want to get the first Bible of your own. Which one do you get? Or maybe, you’re wondering if the one you have is sufficient. In any case, whenever I come across someone who is very new or looking into a relationship with God, I suggest they read the Bible. Some say to start at the very beginning of the Old Testament and read from the beginning. There’s nothing wrong with that. Some say to start at the New Testament and read that. There’s nothing wrong with that, either.  The important thing is that you read. My journey actually started with the book of Romans. If you are brand new to the Bible, you should start by discovering who Jesus is by reading the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (the Four Gospels). Once you have, though, Romans is a nice “Level 2” book (as my pastor puts it).

Why Romans?

For me, I started in Romans because that’s the book my church was studying when I started attending. While this isn’t the main reason that I use the book of Romans here on this site for us that are “newbies,” I hold this book pretty close to my heart. This is filled with great explanations of why we have our relationship with Christ, how we get there, and what we are supposed to do with it. The God-inspired author of this book, Paul, also wrote most of the New Testament. He is the “go-to” guy for us who are not Jewish (he was Jewish himself).

There is actually a method of introducing salvation and the Bible to those who don’t know about it. This method is basically a collection of verses from the book of Romans geared to explaining the gospel (or good news) in a summary. While I don’t advocate taking verses out of context, these particular verses hold truths in themselves and  do well at explaining what we all need to know. This method is called the Romans Road.

The Romans Road to Salvation

The goal of this road is to answer a set of questions: Romans Road

Indeed, each of these questions is answered with scripture and invoke certain responses once we’re ready in faith. Are you ready? The next pages will  start the journey down the road. What questions do you have? Please comment below.

Let’s take our First Step! ——>

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